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MABOS®   is an extremely innovative, fast, clean, flexible, elegant, practical, ecological PVC magnetic flooring system that does not require the use of adhesives.

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It is a technologically advanced,
new-gen flooring system,which will quickly
transform your living space with elegance.
The vast collection offers a variety of style which allow
you to choose based on your personal taste.
MABOS® magnetic connection system-ground-breaking and
unique – permits fast installation of impressive and
high-quality floorings.
MABOS® would be like a magic in your hands once
you have experienced how easy it is to work with.

MABOS®  is an extremely innovative magnetic flooring system

It is flexible and quick to install without any adhesve,resultinh with a floor that is beatiful and elegant.
No glue,no click system.
Just Simple lay down!

MABOS®,magnetic flooring system is composed of
two elements: a metal foil that is laid directly on the
subfloor, and a pvc floor (Strips or tiles),with a
magnetic underside.Once laid, the pvc will adhere to
foil,creating a signle body.

Simple to install, MABOS®,enables quick and
economical style changes and is therefore ideal for
all areas where quick installation is needed. It can
be laid on existing hard flooring and can be walked
on immediately.

It's durability is perfect for high traffic application-
as hotels,airports,exhibition stands,shops, fitness centers,
offices,shopping centers,hospitals and medical studio-
as well as residential uses.

The vast collection allows you to quickly renew
your flooring with a new elegance to the space,
choosing your own style within a wide range of designs.

Its natural look, combined with its practicality,
quality,and durability put MABOS®ahead of its

MABOS® is made of 100% pure,non-recycled PVC and is manufactured using a heat high pressure system. This procedure ensures high quality,durability,and dimenstional stability.
MABOS® can be laid over pre-existing floors such as parquet, ceramic tiles, linoleum, PVC, marble, granite and stone. Always ensure that the old floor covering securely attached to the subfloor over the whole surface.
If MABOS® is to be laid over ceramic or marble tiles,make sure that any unevenness,irregularities and/or joints are filled and leveled. If MABOS® is to be laid over felt or carpet,check the step firmness of the coating before laying. It is however advisable to remove this type of soft floor covering for hygienic reasons.
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